Charlene Lovett recently penned a letter to the editor of the Valley News, Eagle Times and E-ticker.

Below is the full text of her letter which responds to the false misrepresentations of her voting record as published in a recent mailer.


Dear Fellow Citizens,

Perhaps you have received the negative mailer posted this week or read on social media the misrepresentations of my voting record as a state representative four years ago. These allegations are a misrepresentation of my record and were addressed when they arose on social media.  However, supporters of my opponent chose to ignore the facts and send you the mailer anyway.

Discrediting an opponent with voting records taken out of context in the last week of a campaign is a cheap political trick.  For example, I am accused of suspending revenue sharing that cost taxpayers 4.3 million since 2011.  The fact is that the suspension of revenue sharing first began in 2009 (before my term) during the Governor Lynch administration.  It has continued to this day because the state doesn’t have the revenue to reinstate it. I have been falsely accused of overturning the Claremont decision, but what the supporters of my opponent didn’t tell you is that, after listening to my constituents and researching the issue further, my final vote was to uphold it!

Their position is that I am not good for Claremont, a position taken based on less than 1% of my voting record as a state representative for 2 years.  So, here is a brief synopsis of what I have done since returning in 2008:

  • Chaired the committee that got the vote passed to renovate Stevens High School
  • Wrote a weekly school board column for 3 years to keep the community informed
  • Established a County capital reserve fund
  • Chaired the ad hoc committee that enhanced the Claremont Amtrak Stop, receiving national attention
  • Chaired the ad hoc committee that presented cost saving measures for the transfer station
  • Chaired the hospital’s Board of Trustees, the city’s second largest employer
  • Chaired the community college’s Advisory Council to promote and build partnerships
  • Served on the community college scholarship committee, making education more affordable
  • Organized the Claremont Tire Tracks recreational bike tour event, raising funds for the City
  • Testified in Concord in support of a bill that will keep our students safer

…and the list goes on.

Does this sound like someone who is not good for Claremont?

This election is about choosing a mayor who understands that the best way to serve the people is to ensure the Council carries out its role as defined in the charter.  It must provide oversight, ask questions, be proactive and develop progressive policies that will ensure public safety and support economic growth.  Above all, the mayor and Council must be responsive to the people it serves.

I have dedicated myself to serving this community on a full-time basis.  I have worked with many of you to move this community forward. Together, we have made significant progress, but there is more to be done.  So, on November 3rd I am asking you to vote for Charlene Lovett as your next mayor because I have a proven record of working for you.

Charlene Lovett

Mayoral Candidate